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Classification and selection Techniques of blinds
- 2017-10-10 14:35:30 -

  The appearance of shutters is a great invention, the shutters protect us while not blocking our vision, and can play the role of ventilation and transmission. We often have this kind of situation when we watch movie and television, the film of men and women pig feet hundred secretly looking out of the window of the beloved lover, infinite gentle eyes from the gap in the shutters, summer, the shutters have become the home life of the most love, through the window leaf angle changes, the window of the sun to the interior project different lighting, At the same time convection indoor air. So how many categories of blinds? How do we choose one that suits us?

  Blinds According to the material divided into aluminum shutters, wooden blinds, pvc blinds, zinc steel blinds and glass shutters and other types, each with different specifications and styles. In the selection of blinds should be based on the location of the installation, economic strength, use, aesthetics and other aspects to consider.

  The first thing we want to see when we buy blinds is quality. Blade is the key part of the shutter, in the purchase process to see whether the blade is flat, whether there is damage to the deformation of the place. Because of the good quality of the shutter blade workmanship will be very elegant, the appearance of good quality, then its service life will be longer. The adjusting lever is also the shutters need to focus on inspection. It has two functions, one is to adjust the angle of the blade, the other is to adjust the shutter lift switch.

  The installation of the general blinds is divided into two ways, including dark and bright, and the small rooms are suitable for dark blinds such as kitchens and toilets, while large rooms are more suitable for use with bright blinds such as living rooms, bedrooms and study.