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The Good News! Dongying Toroyal Material Technology Co.,Ltd Was Selected In The 2018 Innovation Prim
- 2018-07-16 14:56:45 -


¡¡¡¡On May 16, the national stock exchange corporation announced the preliminary screening list of the listed companies of the innovation layer in 2018, and 928 listed companies were selected into the innovation layer. Our company "Toroyal materialTechnology" (833292) has been selected from many companies after several rounds of screening, and has been successfully selected into the list of the 2018 innovation-level primary elections.

¡¡¡¡It is understood that since December 2017, the stock transfer company newly enacted the national small and medium-sized enterprises listed company shares transfer system hierarchical management measures for the access conditions and maintain the innovation layer changes, enterprise innovation layer number from 2017 in 2018, although less, but in the enterprise overall quality significantly increased, mainly reflected in the performance and the level of the public and the overall stability in three aspects, achieved the anticipated target of the layered system reform.

¡¡¡¡It is understood that the selected layer of the new three board innovation enterprises, financial situation and the level of the public in 2017, obtained the excellent result in such aspects as market recognition, in 2018 the average number of shareholders of company innovation layer and the average number of qualified investors, respectively, 169 and 169, the last 12 months, innovation layer in 2018 the average volume of 12.13 million shares, compared to 2017 innovation layer company 20% higher than that of average volume, innovative company average value increased by 9.3% year on year.

¡¡¡¡Our company "Toroyal materialTechnology" successfully entered the innovation level, which is the best affirmation of the company's development in all aspects and another stage of the company's achievement in the capital market. As "top students" innovation layer, don't represent the end, the future "with" science and technology will continue to build their own characteristics and highlights, strengthening independent research and development ability, to achieve faster and more stable development.