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High Quality Pure Natural Biomass Plant Carbon Powder for Reduce Residual Pesticides and Heavy Metal

Biomass carbon powder is a carbon powder made from fine sawdust and crop straw.It can be used to make soil improver, organic charcoal, dehumidifier, deodorant,

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Biomass carbon powder is a carbon powder made from fine sawdust and crop straw.It can be used to make soil improver, organic charcoal, dehumidifier, deodorant, adsorption formaldehyde and air purifier.


We are the plant carbon powder Manufacturers and Suppliers.It is reduce residual pesticides carbon powder and reduce heavy metals carbon powder. Biochar is grayish, powder or granule.Of soil improvement can be used for agriculture to use, can also be used as a fuel, pesticides slow release carrier, sewage treatment, etc., deep processing of activated carbon can be produced, carburizing agent, graphene, calcium carbide, etc..


Biomass carbon power/Reduce residual pesticides and heavy metals/Ease the soil



Efficacy of pure natural biomass carbon powder



¡ñImproved soil is beneficial to plant growth.Biochar can improve soil pine thickness and permeability, relieve soil surface knots, improve soil conservation and water retention, improve the root vitality of crops, and promote the growth of plants.

¡ñIncrease production.This product has the characteristics of porous nature, so it can lock the nutrients in the soil and release nutrients, which is more beneficial to the plant's full absorption and the purpose of plant stimulation.

¡ñAntibacterial disease prevention.Biochar can effectively inhibit the harmful microorganisms in soil and kill the soil nematodes and other pests.

¡ñImproving the quality of crops.Biochar is a porous material that can be used to compound heavy metals and residual pesticides in the soil, reduce the harmful effects of pesticide residues and heavy metals on plants, and improve the quality of crops.


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Shandong Tairan Biological Engineering Co., affiliated to shandong Toroyal Group.Main products cover wood vinegar liquid, biochar, biomass fuel, biomass silicon potash green environmental protection, economic and energy-saving products, are widely used in ecological agriculture, forestry, industry and other fields.


Packing and loading


The products should prevent rain, snow and ice in transportation and They should be stored in dry, ventilated and not exposed to strong oxidizer indoor places, and pay attention to fire prevention.



1.How can I get a sample for confirm the quality?

Please give the exactly name, usage , color , sample volume required to us. We can according to your specification give you a sample. 2.You can send us a sample, we can according to your sample give you a counter sample.

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After you testing our samples,we will offer you a competitive price. Only when our products are suitable for you , the price makes sense for you.

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It’s no problem if you are a small wholesaler, we would like to grow up with you together.

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Established in 2002,Toroyal develops and increase continuously. Thanks to reliable quality and timely supply, she is deeply trusted by customers, which also helps to create long-term business relationships.