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Natural Antifungal Liquid Wood Vinegar

The refined wood vinegar solution used as antifungal liquid can inhibit or kill the harmful fungi in 24 hours with e. coli, bacillus subtilis, aspergillus, whit

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The refined wood vinegar solution used as antifungal liquid can inhibit or kill the harmful fungi in 24 hours with e. coli, bacillus subtilis, aspergillus, white rot fungus and brown rot fungus.


Refined wood vinegar as a natural plant extracts, no stimulation to the skin, as the raw material additives add shower gel, soap, hand sanitizer, foot washing liquid and washing products, which can effectively clean and soften skin, sterilization, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory.As a raw material additive,the action of surfactant is used, the refined wood vinegar of decompression distillation is used, and the oil agent prepared with insecticide has the function of deodorization and insecticide. Antiseptic agents made with bactericidal agents can be used in wards and coaches. The refined wood vinegar solution is used as natural antifungal and the raw material additive for air freshener, sterilization, bacteriostasis and odor removal.


Natural plant extraction/Natural fungicide/Improved soil organic fertilizer/refined wood vinegar



Use of refined wood vinegar solution



¡ñUsed for household cleaning.The refined wood vinegar solution can be used as a dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, toilet cleaner, anti-mite antibacterial spray, deodorant antibacterial fluid. Safe and effective cleaning, without harming the skin without harming the environment.

¡ñUsed for personal cleaning. It can be used as shampoo, shower gel, washing liquid and so on, the whole body is clean, natural descaling to bacteria.

¡ñUsed as pet supplies. It can be used as a pet to coat the animal with hair and pet repellent.


Toroyal factory



Shandong Tairan Biological Engineering Co., affiliated to shandong Toroyal Group.Its products liquid wood vinegar after further processing can be widely used in ecological agriculture and organic agriculture, ecological forestry, ecological fishery, ecological farming, flower planting, sewage treatment, soil improvement, ecological aspects such as pesticide and daily necessities, wide application, the effect is obvious. In addition, the improvement of saline-alkali land, prevention and control of water and algae blooms, anti-drug control and so on have shown encouraging results in many aspects. According to the statistics, Japan has already used wood to use the wood to use in the green organic agriculture and the ecological agriculture, the amount of wood is over 40,000 tons per year. The U.S. also has extensive applications.


Packing and loading


We use white barrels for refined wood vinegar. You can rest assured that the liquid won't leak out.



1.Are you factory or trading company?

We are Toroyal Group,the main products are mdf board,PVC shutter components,PVC shutters and new bio-energy. We have our own produce line.

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Yes.Free sample is ok. Express cost will be afford by buyers.

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Normally it is within 20days after receipt of your down payment

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30% TT in advance, 70% balance before container loading

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