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Chinese Manufacturers Natural Organic Fertilizer For Strawberry Plants Liquid

Chinese manufacturers natural organic fertilizer for strawberry plants liquidThis organic strawberry fertilizer is an ideal alternative to agricultural chemical

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Chinese manufacturers natural organic fertilizer for strawberry plants liquid

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This organic strawberry fertilizer is an ideal alternative to agricultural chemicals, it contains amino acids, mineral elements and active substances which plants need, can quickly supply nutrients, leaf chlorophyll content, enhance photosynthesis, increasing fruit-bearing rate, increase production. Our organic fertilizer for strawberry plants contains active substances, which make the strawberries grow faster. improve the sugar and improve the quality. It is green,environmental protection and pollution-free.


Production description


Product name

Strawberry growth promoter






Eco-friendly, natural

Main ingredients

Acetic acid ≥25 g/L, Glucitol ≥1g/L, Total sugar ≥5g/L

Range of use

Strawberry specialized


Close shading preservation.

Production unit

Dongying runyi biological technology co. LTD.

Production date

On the bottle


24 months





1. It can be used throughout the growth cycle.
2. 600ml/hectare, dilute with water 800-1000 times, foliage spray.
3. The seedlings are sprayed every 15 days. Flowering - fruiting period are sprayed every 7 to 10 days.


1. This product is acidic, cannot mix with alkaline fertilizer or pesticide.
2. This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place to ensure that children are not touched and human animals are not edible.




We are a regular manufacturer and have our own production equipment. The production process is strict and careful, which can guarantee the product quality better.


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