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Liquid Wood Vinegar Agricultural Use for organic Rice Medium

Wood Vinegar is a natural extract from woods. It is used in agriculture and animal fodders. It is a good choice for organic farming. Pure natural wood vinegar l

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Wood Vinegar is a natural extract from woods. It is used in agriculture and animal fodders. It is a good choice for organic farming.


Pure natural wood vinegar liquid can be used for agriculture.The natural contents make it an attractive alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Furthermore it is non-toxic and biodegradable,and it is non-toxic addictive free for rice wood vinegar.We believe that liquid wood vinegar can bring substantial benefits to the agricultural sector.It is farmer use wood vinegar and it is a high density liquid with good economic freight costs versus coverage that fits into existing supply chain and on farm infrastructure. There is a growing organic and sustainable supply source from an emerging char production industry allowing a reduced dependency on limited expensive agrochemical.The extensive use of wood vinegar for agriculture as natural organic fertilizer throughout other regions for many decades along with positive trial results leads to a product that can potentially be farm input cost neutral or even negative while improving production results.


Natural plant extraction/Natural fungicide/Improved soil organic fertilizer/organic rice medium



Advantages and Benefits of Wood Vinegar as Natural organic fertilizer:

¡ñImprove absorption through the roots.

¡ñStimulates plants and vegetable growth.

¡ñStrengthens roots and leaves.

¡ñIncreases the quantity of useful microbes.

¡ñIncreased soil microbial weight.

¡ñUsed as penetrant for better uptake.:1:500 of dilution water.

¡ñIncrease crop resistance to adverse condition.

¡ñImproved tree health, darker green leaves for better photosynthesis, thicker and stronger stems, higher growth rates, naturally more resistant to disease.

¡ñImproves fruit quality and increases sugar content in fruit, and stimulate development of crops.

¡ñImprove flavor, color, firmness and preservation of fruit.

¡ñWorks as flavor enhancer for agricultural end products: Mix solution. rates of 1:500 to 1:1000. Wood vinegar prevents excessive nitrogen levels, improves plant metabolism and contributes to higher fruit sugar levels.

¡ñStrengthen the photosynthesis

¡ñIncrease the content of chlorophyll of the plants

¡ñReduced fertilizer or other agrochemical volume used with better yields in viticulture and grain crops

¡ñFoliar spray: Dilute one part wood vinegar with 200 parts water and spray it to leaves once a month. Dilution ratio can be change to 300 parts water for the succeeding applications. Allows better uptake and a reduction of up to 50% use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.


Rice use vinegar


We have our own testing ground.This is the product effect comparison diagram, the left side is using the organic rice use vinegar solution, the right side is unused, you can clearly see the product's efficacy.

In addition, liquid wood vinegar can also be used in vegetable planting, fruit tree planting and saline-alkali improvement.Maximum recommended quantity of wood vinegar is 5-8 liters/ha for foliar application.Soil application can increase maximum recommended quantity by 50%.


A series of fertilizer based on wood vinegar liquid



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of product


Main ingredients

Main function

Method of operation

Strong root fertilizer


According to the current situation of agricultural soil in China and the mechanism of crop growth, a new type of efficient water-soluble fertilizer, which has been studied and studied through scientific formulation, has been studied through many years

Wood vinegar liquid 50%, amino acid 10%, chelate trace elements (magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, manganese > 10%)

1. To promote crop growth, especially stimulated root growth, enhance the crop's ability to absorb nutrients, improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, increase crop resistance, drought resistance, cold resistance, disease resistance, salt resistance, acid resistance, etc.)
2. Improve soil structure, regulate soil acidity, and promote soil microbial reproduction

1.Sprinting - combine the crops to water the crops 6-9ml/©O;
2.Spray - combined with crop disease and pest control, 100 times
3.Suitable for fruit trees and vegetables, wheat and rice, etc

Swelling of fertilizer


According to the law of crop growth, a new type of high-efficiency water soluble fertilizer, which has been studied and studied for years, has been studied

Wood vinegar liquid 25%, nitrogen N>100g/L; P> 100g/L, potassium K>150g/L, the trace elements in chelate: zinc, copper, iron, boron >20g/L

1. Swelling fruit: small fruit with large fruit, neat and uniform, prevent fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit, and frozen fruit
The fruit shape is good: the color is good, the fruit is more full, early mature
3. Protect the fruit, raise the fruit rate and prevent the fruit from falling

1.Sprinkling, drip irrigation, spraying. 7-15 ml/©O; Spray diluted 300-500 times, evenly spray
2.Suitable for fruit trees and vegetables

Biological insecticide


Natural plant essence wood vinegar solution, effectively eliminate pests, kill the eggs, and have special effects on the red spider, white spider, tea yellow mite, rust spider

Wood vinegar solution 50%, active antimicrobial insecticide ingredient >30%

1. Anti-bacterial resistance and fruit tree virus invasion
2. Kill the eggs and expel adult worms

Fruit trees can be diluted 100 times -300 times before or 7-10 days before flowering or sprouting, spraying tree trunks and branches


We also have a lot of natural organic fertilizer that use wood vinegar as raw materials, and you can contact us to know more about them.


Toroyal factory



Shandong Tairan Biological Engineering Co., affiliated to shandong Toroyal Group.Its products liquid wood vinegar after further processing can be widely used in ecological agriculture and organic agriculture, ecological forestry, ecological fishery, ecological farming, flower planting, sewage treatment, soil improvement, ecological aspects such as pesticide and daily necessities, wide application, the effect is obvious. In addition, the improvement of saline-alkali land, prevention and control of water and algae blooms, anti-drug control and so on have shown encouraging results in many aspects. According to the statistics, Japan has already used wood to use the wood to use in the green organic agriculture and the ecological agriculture, the amount of wood is over 40,000 tons per year. The U.S. also has extensive applications.


Packing and loading


We use blue buckets or tons of barrels of wood vinegar. You can rest assured that the liquid won't leak out.



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