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toroyal group pass the annual audit of FSC forest management certification
- 2018-03-19 14:41:13 -

  From March 26th to March 28th, Lin Tianhe (Beijing), the senior auditor of the China Forest Certification Center, Tian Lili went to the forestland of Changle County, Weifang, which was certified by our company to conduct the second annual audit of the FSC forest management certification. This is the FSC forest management certification since 2015. It has passed the annual forest management trial for two consecutive years, with an area of 130 thousand mu.

  In this annual review, China Forest Certification Center of China Lin Tianhe (Beijing) strictly follows the national standard of forest management of Chinese forest certification, and audit 10 according to the requirements of FSC-STD-30-005 standard 2 version, forest management evaluation standard, SCS China FSC-FM certified temporary Standard Version _V4-1_201602 and so on. The item principle and the 56 item documents are used to supervise and evaluate the materials and site operation points of 5 certification units in Changle County, state-owned Gushan forest farm, Honghe Town, Shang Qiu Town, Yushan Town and Qiao Guan town.

  Through the audit of the system documents and internal audit data of the forest management certification system, the woodland audit was carried out in the material storehouse, the sample site, the new afforestation site and the logging site in Changle state Gushan forest farm, and the interview with the managers of the forest farm operation and the woodland farmers, the first meeting, the last meeting and so on were held. The audit procedure has successfully completed the annual audit work.


  Tian Lili, a senior auditor, fully affirmed the achievements made in the aspects of management system construction, forest management and management, management of farmers, monitoring and patrol and COC supervision since the annual review of the company. At the last meeting, the auditor, Tian Lili, said that four items of observation and minor non conformance were issued, and the operation of the forest management system was running effectively. The production and operation activities were in accordance with the standards of forest certification and national laws and regulations and related requirements, and the annual audit work was passed smoothly. At the same time, the minor non conformance items and observation items in the audit are put forward, and it is required that the company should strengthen the rectification in the future ecological resources management to ensure the smooth passage of the next year certification audit.