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Blinds Inspire Your Thoughts
- 2017-10-10 14:48:17 -

  In the home decoration There are some wonderful thinking, seemingly simple, but they are often the owner of the home according to the actual needs of life, habits and design, I am sure will be inspired by your decoration.

  Skillfully use the storage space below the stairs

  In the duplex structure, as long as the premise of guaranteeing the staircase load, the space below the staircase to make full use of the owner of the stairs to do a bar, so that the space under the stairs to become a storage wine, a wine container space.

  Adjust light with solid wood shutters

  In the ordinary people's thinking, the only way to adjust the home sun is curtains, in fact not. The advantage of the shutters is to adjust the light in the room, and the good shutters are both practical and beautiful, eliminating the expense of curtains.

  Use the shutter to deal with the light

  Flexible shutter, not only telescopic freely, but also with the light angle change the selective use, blocking direct exposure to the light, not only a gentle pull can be hidden in the top of the dark groove, does not occupy the place, also will not be due to long time to drop dust.

  Design the shoe cabinet into a hanging closet

  What if your porch is very small? It doesn't matter, the compact shoe cabinet is also very good idea, because the space is narrow, so the room owner will design the shoe cabinet as wooden shutter, the cabinet body is very thin, just is a pair of shoes height, the general family can draw this practice.

  The walls and doors are in the same style.

  In fact, the need for harmony is not just the living room, any corner of the home needs to be perfect, in this design, the designer in the door and the wall beside the use of the same wallpaper, close the door, outside to see the whole wall is a visual effect, only open the door, found inside amazing.