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Louvered PVC Window Shutters Bi-fold Plantation Shutters
- 2018-03-25 14:53:57 -

Made from PVC,is a perfect choice for a wet-room inside or outside of the home.The windows are designed beautifully with classic and fashion, which keep sight from outdoors which may protect our personal privacy perfectly. Meanwhile, the angels of blades can be adjusted, so that we can enjoy the sunshine fully while avoiding direct sunlight. PVC shutters come in 3 standard colors with classic white as a representation,also the color can be customized.

The blade sizes are (2.5") 63.5mm and (3.5")88.9 mm or (4.5")114.3mm with either stainless stapled centre control bar or Aluminium hidden controls at rear or an aluminium face control on the side.PVC is an important addition to the shutter materials collection,offering versatility between the other options timber and aluminium.The painted finish makes it hard to distinguish between a basswood or plantation shutter which enables you to mix and match in the home without noticing, because they are an exterior or interior shutter,PVC are an excellent choice in a bathroom which has a high humidity or a wet or damp environment.






PVC with or without aluminum core

Louver/Blade width

2-1/2" (64mm),3-1/2" (89mm),4-1/2" (115mm)

Louver/Blade thickness

0.4374" (11mm), 0.4598" (12mm)


Width: +/-0.6mm, Thickness: +/-0.3mm

Frame available 


Surface processing

water proof paint or Raw material


Tenon and mortise joint


any color as per your request

Opening way

leveling open,bi-fold,sliding or swinging, etc


square,triangle,special shape

Shutter parts

Louver,Reinforced Louver,Rail,Stile,Frame, Strip,Tilt Rod,Hole strip.


Shutter Pins, Screws, Hinges, Magnets, Aluminum tube 


Bathroom,Bedroom,Kitchen,Laundry, Café,Commercial shop,etc

Advantages interior ventilated Decorative PVC shutter 

Integrated,Anti-deformation,Waterproof, Fire-resistant,Mildew proof,Environmental protection,Indeformable,Impermeability, durable and Nontoxic



1.Fire resistant and self extinguishing
2.Water-proof,Damp-proof,Termite-proof,Mildew-proof,Anti corrosion.
3.No warping,bending,cracking,splitting or chipping.
4.Moisture will not cause expansion,contraction or discoloration.
5.Anti Static.Non-toxic.No lead.Pain-table. 
6.Eco-friendly to the environment,completely recyclable material.
7.Made with excellent UV stabilizers;Superb control for light,noise,temperature.
8.Insulates up to 3 times better than wood.
9.Easier to clean and maintain.
10.Long lifespan. Can be used widely in humid area,such as kitchen,bathroom,balcony etc.
11.It can be sawed,cut,sheared,punched,drilled,milled,riveted,screwed,printed,bent,engraved,filmed,embossed and fabricated,like wood,but without the weaknesses of wood.
Some Designs


PVC Shutter Components


1.Louvers:Various options including Aluminum reinforced Louvers in 2-1/2″, 3-1/2″, 4-1/2″, and Smooth Solid Louvers in 2-1/2″, 3-1/2″, 4-1/2″ , special design louver.

2.Stiles with Aluminum:Square, Rabbeted and Astragal stile . Choose either default with aluminum core. or style without which accepts an aluminum.

3.Framing:Various options including "L" and "Z" for inside and outside mounting requirements style, a variety of decorative designs of sill frames,and T-Posts.

4.Railing:Thickness is 3/4″Top/Bottom railing available in 4-5/8″width and divider railing available in 3″.Louver Blade(2.5" or 3.5" or 4.5"), Stile(Hollow Stile with Aluminum Tube inserted, or solid stile), Frame(L frame or Z frame), Rail( Top Rail, Bottom Rail or Divider Rail) Tilt Rod, Hole Strip.